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Cool, Unique, and Stylish Retro Music Laptop Decal. Premium Quality Macbook Vinyl Decals for Mac Pro, Air, and Retina. Long Lasting Guarantee!!!


  • Cool, Unique, and Stylish. Express your unique style and be different with this cool and trendy Retro Music laptop decal.
  • Made of Premium Quality Material. It will last for 4 to 6 years of outdoor use and more than 7 years for indoor use. Long lasting GUARANTEE!!!
  • Easily Removed. Not like your ex who leave scratches deep inside your heart once removed from your memory. No residue, no damage, and no hard feelings once removed from your laptop.
  • Durable. The material used for this decal is dust-proof, waterproof, and oil-proof. ‘Super-Durable’ is its middle name.
  • Made for Perfectionists. By using precision cutting, this decals will look flawless. Not just that, it will also fit perfectly with your laptop and will not disturb that cool-looking Apple LED. Perfectionists will love it